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Our pain management solutions are geared towards not only removing the source of pain, but to help your body heal so that the pain doesn’t reoccur.

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Winter Park Chiropractic has a team of experienced chiropractors that can help reduce chronic aches and pains. Car collisions and similar accidents often leave victims in pain long after the event, and it may not be evident until weeks or months later. So, being the best chiropractor in Orlando, we are here to help you heal through our chiropractic care in Florida. We work with you to determine the ideal treatment so you can start feeling like your best self. Our team is composed of experienced doctors who have a passion for helping patients.

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With back pain being one of the most common medical conditions in America, it’s no wonder that people are asking “Are there chiropractors near me?” The answer is yes! We have the best chiropractor in Orlando who will help you with your spine alignment and reduce any discomfort. Let our team know what problems affect today’s lives so they can be solved quickly.

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Talk to your physician to approve any physical therapy alternatives. While our services are helpful for pain in the head, jaw, neck, back, or hips, they’re sometimes best applied alongside prescribed physical therapy treatments. Whether you’re turning to us as an alternative or a complement to your plan, we’re happy to help manage your pain.


The spine is the center of the central nervous system, which means that problems there–disc slips, pinched nerves, and others–can cause pain in the rest of the body. We manipulate the spine for both effective chiropractic scoliosis treatment and pain in other areas. Those who have never seen a chiropractor can’t begin to imagine the many benefits. Talk to our team about how our services can help with:



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Joint Pain


Neck Pain




Bowel Irregularity


Ear Infections


High Blood Pressure


Low Energy


I had bone spurs between my shoulder blades and pain for several years, but after several adjustments from Dr. Anthony Filardo I am greatly improved. Before it was very hard for me to do my yard work and now I am able to enjoy it again. Furthermore, my husband who had a pinched nerve in his lower back felt very much relieved after just three adjustments
I had bad abdominal pain from a flair up of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I had not been able to eat a solid meal for three weeks. After one acupuncture session I slept through the night with no nausea or pain. I was finally able to eat a meal with no indigestion. I am continuing treatments in hopes of correcting all of my IBS symptoms for good. The staff was so friendly and helpful I felt very at ease. They were so gracious and kind to help me get better.
I started coming to Dr. Filardo after my injuries from a car accident which left me with very bad headaches. After coming to Dr. Filardo on a regular basis I am less sick and feel much better!
I came to your office because I play sports and have a lot of leg pain in my muscles and joints. The treatments I have received from Dr. Filardo have prevented me from pulling a muscle and enabled me to do more then I used to. I was just able to play in my tennis districts and would not have been able to play before had I not come in. My left hip used to be higher than my right and now it is perfect!
His healing hands eased my pain, and allowed me to create again.

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