Chinese cupping therapy is an alternative therapy that includes creating suction by putting cups on the skin. The suction increases the process of healing via blood flow. As claimed by the proponents, the flow of “qi” is further facilitated in the body by suction. A Chinese word, qi means life force. If you’re interested in Chinese cupping, Winter Park Chiropractic in Orlando is the place to go!

Understanding Chinese Cupping Therapy

The Yin and Yang (the negative & positive) in the body are balanced by cupping. If a balance between these two is restored, the resistance power of the body against pathogens increases along with the ability to improve the flow of blood and diminish the pain. Furthermore, blood circulation is increased as a result of cupping. This improvement is seen in the parts where the placement of cups is done. This even helps in releasing the tension in the muscle and enhances cell repairing capabilities. You will also witness that new connective tissue is being formed along with the creation of new blood vessels in the tissue.
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Types Of Chinese Cupping

Originally, cupping was done with the help of animal horns. Afterward, these “cups” were developed using bamboo. Then the use of ceramic became much more popular. Primarily, this suction was generated using heat where the cups were heated using fire; after that, they were applied or placed on the skin. Once the cup has cooled, it creates a vacuum, and the skin and muscles are drawn up inside the cup.

Today, cupping is performed with glass cups that are round like a ball and have an opening at one end. There are two types of cupping that you will see:

a) Dry cupping – a method where only suction is done.
b) Wet cupping – it has both controlled medicinal bleeding and suction.

To find out which method will suit you, there are various factors that come into place – your medical condition, your practitioner, and your preferences.

What To Expect While Getting A Chinese Cupping Treatment?

To create suction, a heated cup is placed on the skin during a cupping treatment. To heat the cup, alcohol, paper or herbs are used in particular. After the cup gets heated, the fire source is removed, and then the open side is placed on the skin.

A few cupping practitioners in the modern world now employ rubber pumps to fulfil the purpose of suction, rather than using traditional methods. After the hot cup is placed on the skin, the air present inside is cooled, and a vacuum is created, which draws the muscle and skin upward inside the cup. This makes the skin go red, which is an indication that blood vessels are responding to the changed pressure.

In dry cupping, the cup’s placement is done for at least 5 minutes at a particular place. While in case of wet cupping, the cup is only placed for a few minutes before it is removed by the practitioner, and a small incision is made to draw the blood.

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