Effective Acupuncture in Orlando For Pain management

Chronic joint pain and discomfort in mobility tops the list of pain one can ever feel. The excellent news is there are various approaches to treat this condition, and one of the natural ones is acupuncture.

Acupuncture has become a vital part of natural medicine. It’s no longer a secret that this 3000-year treatment plan is here to stay to treat neck pain, knee pain, back pain, headaches, and migraines.

Searching For Acupuncture in Orlando? Here’s What You Should Know!

It is a traditional Chinese medicine that utilizes needles, heat, and pressure on various body parts. So, does it work? It works with the theory that the needles invigorate the paining joints to redirect the body’s natural energy.

This restores the proper functioning of the body like medications but without the side effects. It focuses on particular anatomic sites to influence the body’s natural healing process. The National Institute of Health reported that several studies support the claim that acupuncture treats chronic back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and headache.

Searching for acupuncture in Orlando?

Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture stimulates various body systems to promote better functioning while stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself. The benefits include:

  • Better sleep quality.
  • Improved digestive functioning.
  • Enhanced mental clarity.

These elements reduce your stress levels to minimize your pain perception and foster pain tolerance.


What To expect From Acupuncture in Winter Park

It’s always advisable to be mentally prepared and know what to expect from your acupuncture visit. Once you walk through our doors, we go the extra mile to examine all our patients and assess their condition.

Your medical history and physical examinations, like your tongue’s color and shape, will help us customize a specific treatment plan for you.

We will ask you to lie down either on your back, front or sideways. We use single-use and sterile needles and insert them in your skin for five to thirty minutes. As expected, you may feel the tingling or stinging feeling.

During the treatment, patients may feel a slight ache at the base of the needle that soon subsides. This is relatively painless compared to other treatments. It also promotes a relaxed feeling during and after the treatment.

How many treatment sessions do you need?

There is no specified number of sessions as this depends on the individual. Eight to twelve sessions are recommended for a severe problem to improve patients’ health significantly with one to two treatments weekly.

Why we are your go-to acupuncture experts for pain management


We are a team of friendly and highly-experienced acupuncturists who have mastered the art.

Our pain management procedures have been developed over time to help our patients’ wellness.

Tailored services

We are always excited to have a new addition to our large family. We strive to boost pain relief while improving the life quality of our patients by considering their condition and medical history.

Affordable services

The truth is healthcare is not as cheap as it comes. We ensure our patients can afford our quality services by incorporating various health plans for individuals and families.

State of the art technology

You can trust us for your health needs since we have modern equipment and accessories that make our health plans worthwhile and the best you will find in the industry.

Searching for acupuncture in Orlando? We are a friendly team of acupuncture experts who will take the time to know you and understand your condition for a customized approach that will produce optimum results. Visit our clinic today or book an appointment and start your journey to wellness with us!

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