We Offer The Best Chiropractic Services in Orlando, Florida!

Winter Park Chiropractic and Physical Medicine is a licensed chiropractic clinic providing physical therapy alternatives to treat auto or sports injuries. We are the best chiropractors in Orlando, Fl, and we use proven techniques to manage and remove your source of pain.

Our trained physicians help victims needing personal injury, sports, or car accident chiropractic services. We have extensive knowledge in spine manipulation and physical therapy.

Whether you are looking for scoliosis treatment or cupping therapy in Orlando, FL, you can count on us. Our physicians analyze your unique case to prescribe a personal injury chiropractic treatment that eliminates the pain effectively.

We provide car accident chiropractic services that ensure you return to living a painless and comfortable life.

Contact us to learn more about the best chiropractor in Orlando, FL. We treat the following:

Auto Accident Injuries

Accidents are one of the leading causes of spinal-related injuries. Luckily, we have trained experts providing car accident chiropractic services, specifically for auto accidents.

If you feel pain after a minor or major car accident, contact us to get started on your car accident chiropractic treatment before it causes permanent damage. 

Visiting Winter Park immediately after you are involved in an accident can help you win your court case. 

Our personal injury protection insurance chiropractor documents your case so you get the justice and money you deserve. 

If you are experiencing dizziness, memory loss, stiffness, or muscle pain after an accident, do not hesitate to visit our car accident chiropractic clinic.


Pain And Injury

As the best chiropractor in winter park, Fl, we pride ourselves on helping previously injured clients lead a healthy and comfortable life. We deal with all sorts of pain and injuries.

Our personal injury chiropractic services are guaranteed to relieve all pain regardless of your condition or disease. 

Our techniques aim to alleviate stress and tension accumulating in your joints and muscles due to an injury.

Sports Injury

If you are an athlete looking to heal your sports injury, look no further than Winter Park Sports Chiropractic Services in Orlando.

By going through our personal injury chiropractic sports care program, you get the benefits of pain relief and added flexibility.

Our sports medicine practitioners will craft a specialized treatment regime that fits your unique case.



Scoliosis can be potentially life-threatening, so you need to get it treated fast! The best chiropractor in Winter Park, FL, can handle all forms of scoliosis.

If you experience a shift in your posture or curvature in your spine, visit a personal injury chiropractic specialist for a consultation as soon as possible.

Are You Looking For The Best Chiropractor In Orlando, Florida?

Look no further than The Winter Park Chiropractic and Physical Medicine. We are the best chiropractors you will ever find. We also offer the following services:

Please contact our walk-in chiropractor today, to receive the best services. We will be sure to restore your body back to normal, within no time!

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