If you are looking for drug-free migraine treatment, then you are in luck. As the best “chiropractor near me” clinic, Winter Park Chiropractor and Physical Medicine can help you get the relief you need.

While there are medications to relieve the pain, these do not provide you with a permanent solution. On the other hand, chiropractic care offers pain relief without reliance on medication.


Here’s How We Treat Migraines

If you are suffering from migraines that won’t go away, maybe it’s time to try something different; search for a “walk-in chiropractor near me”, and experience pain relief instantly.

You searched for the “best chiropractor near me” for a reason; to have the best care. The best chiropractors know the effective techniques to use to achieve positive results, such as the dry needling technique, ultrasound stimulation, and neck adjustment.


What Is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a technique that is used to treat migraines. It involves placing dry needles on your body, where there may be trigger points. These are the points in your body or muscle tissue that experience tension or constriction, which causes pain.

The constriction or tension causes poor blood flow, a major cause of migraines. A chiropractor then stimulates the skeletal and nervous systems by dry needling the trigger points.

Dry needling is not uncomfortable, and when the chiropractor is done, there is less tension in your muscle ligaments, you are more relaxed, and with the good blood flow in your body, your migraine is no longer painful.


Neck Adjustment 

Dry needling works hand in hand with other interventions to deal with the root cause of migraines. Since they can be caused by tension in the neck muscles, a chiropractor adjusts the neck to promote good blood flow to the head, reducing any migraine pain.

Get the “best chiropractor near me” to get the best results with migraine treatment.


Ultrasound Stimulation 

By figuring out the origin of the migraine or where the pain originates from, the chiropractor will use this technique to help relieve pressure or tension in that area, which automatically helps relieve a migraine.


Why Chiropractic Care?

Searching for the best chiropractor in your town that offers a non-invasive way to treat your migraine that:

  • Doesn’t need you to take medication constantly
  • Helps you escape surgery with some issues and injuries
  • It helps improve the quality of your life

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