While gardening can help you relax by reducing stress and anxiety. Prolonged periods can be taxing on your back or aggravate existing back pain. This is where a personal injury chiropractor comes in handy.

With the right help, you don’t have to completely eliminate gardening from your life completely. You can still practice your green thumb after visiting the chiropractor in winter park at the Winter Park Chiropractic and Physical Medicine.


Tips From Our Chiropractor In Winter Park: How To Keep Gardening With Back Pain!

Here are some tips on how you can keep doing what you love even with persistent back pain:


Visit Our Chiropractor In Winter Park Often:

You should constantly visit a personal injury chiropractor as often as possible if you suffer from persistent back pain. What the chiropractor will do is re-align your spine, and offer you lasting solutions to the back pain so you can keep gardening for the foreseeable future.

At Winter Park Chiropractic and Physical Medicine, we offer lasting solutions. Here’s a look at some of our tips on how to manage back pain:


Lifting Everything With Support

According to our chiropractor in Orlando Fl., you should always lift everything with support.

Lifting bushel baskets, full watering cans, and large plants without sufficient back support can result in a disc, ligament, and muscular issues.

To lift in an optimally supported manner, begin by squatting and not buckling at the waist. As you stand, slowly straighten your legs and hold the thing in both hands close to your body.

Transport large objects with a wagon, dolly, or other lifting aids to lessen lifting. Fill large watering cans only halfway, and consider using soaker hoses or an automatic irrigation system as alternatives.

Depending on the severity of your back problem you can visit a chiropractor and leave twisting and heavy lifting duties to others.


Garden While Standing

Our chiropractor in Orlando Fl. will tell you that you can actually garden while standing. Yes, it’s possible.

Wall gardening is a growing trend in which plants are planted vertically rather than horizontally. Working at your eye level may be an option if bending is too painful for you.

The soil together with the plants are put into pockets made of felt or other similar materials in one type of wall gardening, they are then mounted to a structure that resembles a wall. What’s planted then sprouts together gradually creating greenery or flowers.


Warm-Up Before You Start

Warm-up your muscles before gardening because it might be a tough task. Try a five-minute stroll followed by some stretching exercises.

Our chiropractor in Winter Park can give you tips on this and more.


Take Frequent Rests

If you enjoy being outside in the yard, it’s easy to forget about time. Carry a bottle of water with you so that you’re reminded to hydrate and take several breaks. Do some stretches during these pauses if you’ve been in one position for a long time?

With constant support from our chiropractors in Orlando Fl., you can achieve your gardening goals.


Kneelers And Chairs Can Help You

Heavy-duty kneelers, particularly those with elevated, padded grips, can assist you in getting up and down by allowing you to employ your arm strength. Kneelers often have a well-cushioned base to alleviate the impact and tension on your back and knees.



Most chiropractors in Winter Park will tell you that: Back pain is one of the most frequent medical conditions experienced by a wide range of people. Excruciating back pain can make your entire day come to a standstill with sleepless nights and long days.


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