Did you experience whiplash after a recent car accident? Well, here at Winter Park Chiropractic, we tell you all about whiplash, how it’s diagnosed, and different ways you can treat it. We understand how serious neck pain after car accident can be and how much trauma people can face during car accidents as well. In fact, our chiropractors see a lot of patients who suffer from whiplash injuries right after they are in a car accident. We want to make sure that you are receiving the best care possible after you experience whiplash. Even for those who have never been in a car accident or experienced whiplash, it’s important to know what it is in case it happens and the treatments that come with it. Whiplash is not fun, but there are many ways that people can recover from it, and it’s a very common injury if not the most common injury when it comes to car accidents. You can trust the information that our chiropractors provide because we are the best in Orlando!


Whiplash From Neck Pain After Car Accident 

You probably want to know more about what whiplash is and how it can be diagnosed. Whiplash refers to a common neck injury that specifically occurs during a car accident. This term was created by medical professionals, so when you have whiplash, you know that it is a legitimate injury. The reason that people get whiplash is mainly because another car has hit them from the front or the back. You might experience whiplash if you hit someone from the front or the back as well. This is because your head literally whips forward and back, causing a lot of problems in your neck. Whiplash is diagnosed through the range of motion in your neck and through muscle spasms. It can also be diagnosed through pain and weakness in the neck area. You likely have whiplash if you cannot turn your head a certain way that is comfortable. Chiropractors will also be able to feel the area and determine if there are any uncomfortable spots.


Whiplash Treatments 

Luckily, whiplash is very treatable, and depending on how severe your whiplash is; there are different ways to treat it. Some chiropractors recommend going through ultrasounds or simple stretches that can help with inflammation and range of motion. You can also ice the area on your neck that hurts, and that is the most swollen. Ice will help bring down the swelling and help your blood flow much better.


We Are Here For You 

We want you to know that we are here to help you if you experience whiplash in any way we can. Our chiropractors are incredibly experienced and have a lot of knowledge when it comes to whiplash. You can guarantee that we will help treat and cure your whiplash in no time. We are also here for you because we understand that car accidents can be very traumatizing in general.


Contact Us 

Winter Park Chiropractic is made up of a team of professionals who have a lot of experience with neck pain after car accident. Anyone experiencing whiplash can come to us knowing that they will receive proper treatment and information about whiplash overall. Call or visit us in Orlando for more information.

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