You may remember your parents telling you to sit up straight while you were growing up. Those words never rang more true as you grow up and reach adulthood, as your posture can make a huge difference in how you sit normally, and how that can affect your back. Everyone knows that better posture is overall, well, better for you, but how often do you really practice it or even think about it? Winter Park Chiropractic in Orlando, Florida, specializes in chiropractic treatments for a myriad of injuries and offers some advice on how to maintain proper posture. 

Standing Straight

Most everyone knows that when you stand up straight, you appear taller and more confident, but there are a host of smaller, less noticeable health benefits from standing and sitting straight. These can include the proper alignment of your bones and joints, less risk of back injury, reduced stress on ligaments, conserving more energy, improved digestion, reduced wear on muscles and joints, and better mood. When you don’t have an ideal posture, this can lead to headaches, back pain, and an increased risk of injury, among others. If you notice you have hunched or arched shoulders, a rounded upper back, an arched lower back, and possible back pain, your posture may not be ideal. The cause of your bad posture can be a myriad array of issues, such as weight gain, stress, tight muscles, and previous injuries. You may want to start searching for the “best chiropractor near me” upon reading these words, but don’t fret; there are always ways to improve your posture, even later in life.

Better Posture

Continually telling yourself to sit and stand up straight may not be the only answer to improving your posture, but it is a good start. Visiting a chiropractor can give you a lot of new and useful tools to help you combat poor alignment. During your first visit, your chiropractor will ask you some questions to better assess your lifestyle and your posture, such as your exercise habits, diet, your job, day-to-day activities, and where you are experiencing pain. These steps are vital for them to learn the most about your posture, whether it is good or poor in alignment, what effects it might be having on you, and how they can begin to fix the issues laid out. After this consultation, the chiropractor will take a look at how you stand from behind and at the sides, taking note of items like uneven shoulders, an arched back, a twisted pelvis, or other symmetry issues. This is a more hands-on approach than the questions, but having both sets of information can help your chiropractor see what the underlying problems are, and better serve you through their services and advice. 

At this stage, the chiropractor is now ready to begin the actual adjustment session. While people often associate chiropractors with a loud cracking noise once they begin their adjustments, that’s not always the case as most adjustments use very gentle movements on your body. A chiropractor will most often start with your shoulders, including slow joint movements, moving them into the best position to help realign your posture and spine. These movements also help increase motion in the joints and reduce tension in the surrounding muscles. When some muscles become weak, underused, or injured, other muscles often tighten up or become tense because of it, pulling your spine or shoulders into unhealthy positions. Chiropractors will help relieve that tension through muscle releases and strengthening exercises to correct the imbalance in the soft tissue. 

Best Chiropractor Near Me

With deliberate exercises, stretches, and muscle relaxation, your chiropractor will be able to help strengthen your weak muscles while also relieving tension in the overtaxed ones, giving you a stronger body to help improve your posture easier and more effectively. The effects of poor posture can affect a lot of your mental, physical, and emotional health, therefore it’s vital to continually work on improving your posture while also realizing you may not be able to fully tackle the problem on your own. Trust the professionals to help you understand your posture and give you the tools to accomplish it once and for all. 

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