If you’ve been visiting a chiropractor for your back pain, there may be other ways to help you alleviate your pain in-between visits. Depending on the type of mattress you use, you could be helping your back out every night while you sleep, aiding in improved back and neck pain. Winter Park Chiropractic delivers the best, expert chiropractor service in Orlando, no matter the back pain you are suffering from.  

Is Sleeping Causing More Pain?

Many factors can cause back pain, be it a sports injury, car accident injury, obesity, arthritis, poor posture, or injuries to joints, ligaments, and muscles in the spine or back. According to the American Chiropractic Association, 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any time. With an estimated 80% of the US population experiencing this discomfort, it’s no wonder that people are seeking only the best chiropractor service around Orlando.

If you don’t feel like you’ve experienced any trauma or injury to your back, then the culprit may be your sleeping position or mattress. If you wake up continually sore and tired every day, that’s a good indication of back pain during sleep. These other symptoms may help you narrow down your causes for back pain and help you determine it’s time for a new bed:

  • Tossing and turning
  • Frequent waking
  • Increased pressure on certain body parts
  • Inability to get comfortable
  • Pain going away 20-30 minutes after getting up

Chiropractor For Back Pain

There are many chiropractor approved mattresses available to soothe your back pain the right way. When you begin your search, there are two key components to consider: the type of mattress and the firmness. All chiropractors agree that a mattress that contours the curves of your body will be ideal for your spine’s alignment. Memory foam mattresses are great for relieving pressure points and reducing pain in sensitive areas along the hips, back, and shoulders. Memory foam offers superior contouring and conforming support, uniformly distributing your weight and keeping your spine aligned, no matter your sleep position. These mattresses are most often recommended for back pain. 

Latex foam is typically underrated but also great for back pain sufferers. More organic latex mattresses have been gaining in popularity in part to their longevity, hypoallergenic properties, and natural materials. One type called Talalay latex is ideal for cushioning your lumbar region and offers great cradling support for your strained muscles. A hybrid mattress combines support coils with a comfortable layer of memory foam, latex, or polyfoam. This combination creates a perfectly firm layer that promotes proper spinal alignment and contouring. 

Sleeping Positions

The way you sleep can also affect how well you sleep and how properly aligned your spine is as well. Side sleepers are the most common sleep position. Choosing a soft to medium-firm sleep surface will aid in relieving back pain, allowing your hips and shoulders to sink into the bed while at the same time supporting your flank for proper spinal alignment. Stomach sleeping can cause unnecessary strain on your neck and back. You’ll want to seek a firmer bed, more in the medium to medium-firm range to deliver the best results. If you’ve tried to avoid sleeping on your stomach but it hasn’t turned out to be successful, try sleeping without a pillow, or a thinner pillow to prevent neck strain. Sleeping on your back is the best way for keeping your spine in a neutral position, minimizing strain and pressure. A harder mattress will only further improve contouring and a medium to medium-firm mattress can help support your lumbar curve while also minimizing back and hip pain. 

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