When I came to Dr. Filardo, due to a lower back surgery in 2005 I could not walk steadily enough by myself and needed a wheel-chair, I also had a hard time getting in and out of bed on my own. I had tried physical therapy and had no results. After only 3 treatments of acupuncture by Dr. Anthony Filardo I had a 70% improvement-I am not as nervous, my strength improved and my balance has improved immensely. I am now ABLE TO WALK 50 feet steadily on my own and the tingling in my legs as significantly decreased! This is the first time I have walked on my own since 2005 thanks to Dr. Filardo and his acupuncture treatments!!

His healing hands eased my pain, and allowed me to create again.
Brian B.

I came to Dr. Filardo’s office after my car accident because I was experiencing shoulder and lower back pain. I could not sit for more than 30-40 minutes at a time and could not bend over easily or lift heavy things. I didn’t react to any treatment prior to coming to Dr. Filardo. After to coming to Winter Park Chiropractic I started feeling much better and was able to bend over without any difficulty and sit at my desk without any pain. I was back to normal in no time. The staff and Dr. Filardo are very friendly and always receive me with a smile : )
Angela P.

I had bone spurs between my shoulder blades and pain for several years, but after several adjustments from Dr. Anthony Filardo I am greatly improved. Before it was very hard for me to do my yard work and now I am able to enjoy it again. Furthermore, my husband who had a pinched nerve in his lower back felt very much relieved after just three adjustments
Dorothy S.

I came to your office because I play sports and have a lot of leg pain in my muscles and joints. The treatments I have received from Dr. Filardo have prevented me from pulling a muscle and enabled me to do more then I used to. I was just able to play in my tennis districts and would not have been able to play before had I not come in. My left hip used to be higher than my right and now it is perfect!
Amanda R.

I had bad abdominal pain from a flair up of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I had not been able to eat a solid meal for three weeks. After one acupuncture session I slept through the night with no nausea or pain. I was finally able to eat a meal with no indigestion. I am continuing treatments in hopes of correcting all of my IBS symptoms for good. The staff was so friendly and helpful I felt very at ease. They were so gracious and kind to help me get better.
Gina M.

I started coming to Dr. Filardo after my injuries from a car accident which left me with very bad headaches. After coming to Dr. Filardo on a regular basis I am less sick and feel much better!
Karen M.

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