If you’ve been experiencing pain in your body for a long period of time, it may be best to seek further treatment and find the underlying cause. But would you go to the doctor or to the chiropractor? It may be tricky knowing when to see a chiropractor or when it’s time to best leave it to the doctor’s office. If you’ve been searching for a “sports chiropractor near me”, with limited results, you may need Winter Park Chiropractic. Located in Orlando, Florida, we understand the human body and what it needs to feel right again, whether it’s a sports injury, car accident injury, or chronic pain, we can get to the bottom of your discomfort and get you back onto your feet. 

What They Each Do

Although a chiropractor holds a degree as a Doctor of Chiropractics, their methods of treatment vary from a traditional, medical doctor. A chiropractor cannot prescribe medications or perform surgeries like a doctor, but instead, focus their treatments on the health and function of the spine and the central nervous system of the body. Studying anatomy and physiology, they treat the injuries or pains themselves, not the symptoms, by adjusting the body’s physical form. A medical doctor or physician typically treats the ailments as well, not the symptoms, but through exams and tests to best determine the cause of your stress and pain. They will most often treat with medications or surgeries, depending on the severity of the illness or injury, and provide long-term treatment of both the ailment and any symptoms stemming from it. 

When To See A Chiropractor

That being said, chiropractors can treat a myriad of injuries and pain. Whether it’s a soreness, sports injury, a car accident injury, or regular wear and tear of your body, chiropractors address the biomedical cause of the injury or pain that can affect your spine, nerves, or musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors treat these ailments without surgery or medications, and instead treat them holistically, leaving your body in optimal shape for whatever comes next in life. 

The types of pain that are best suited for chiropractors usually involve any related to sedentary lifestyles or office jobs. Constantly sitting for either your job or for leisure, can affect you negatively, especially if you are using improper posture during it. You may be leaning forward or slouching, and may not keep your back as straight as it should be to avoid any pains down the road. Symptoms of bad posture can be mild back pain or achiness, but it can and most likely will increase in levels if left untreated. Besides back pain, neck pain is becoming increasingly common as many people are left with symptoms of “tech neck”. This occurs when people are looking down for extended amounts of time, most often looking at a cell phone, which can cause cracks, stiffness, and pain in the neck. The more you hold this position, the worse the pain can get until you seek an adjustment to any spinal bone positions that may be misaligned from this repeated posture. 

A Sports Chiropractor Near Me

Sports injuries are best left for chiropractors as well since it’s most likely due to stress on muscles or limbs. For any bone that is broken, a medical doctor should be your first choice, but for the most common injuries, a chiropractor should be able to assist you in your healing journey. Simply searching for a “sports chiropractor near me” may not be enough, though, as you’ll want to ensure they have the experience and knowledge to treat your injury correctly and efficiently. Sprains, strains, knee injuries, swollen muscles, Achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, dislocations, and even fractures can be treated by your chiropractor, healing your body naturally so you can get back to playing the sports you love. 

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Now that you know the difference between a medical doctor and a chiropractor, you’re better aware of when to see a chiropractor for those persistent aches and pains. Winter Park Chiropractic in Orlando can help you feel more like yourself, treating the source of your pain and injury holistically and getting you moving again, free of pain. Call us today!