The main idea behind going to a chiropractor is to get your injuries related to your back, neck, legs, or other extremities cured. At Winter Park Chiropractic and Physical Medicine, we understand the different injuries people can get and have developed appropriate treatments to help our patients get back to their everyday lives and resume their daily activities. Since the treatment method is targeted toward your limbs, athletic chiropractic services are essential for people involved in sports. They have a greater probability of getting injuries that require a chiropractor to tend to.

If you are an athlete or know a sports enthusiast, here are some reasons why chiropractors can help you recover.


The types of injuries that your sports chiropractor can tend to

When it comes to sports injuries, chiropractors can tend to a wide variety of injuries, including back pain, neck pain, sprains, strains, headaches, herniated discs, pinched nerves, shin splints, Sciatica, Golfer’s elbow, Tennis elbow, stingers, dislocations, groin injuries, leg and knee injuries and even pain about your shoulders, arms, and head. If your current injury was due to sports activities or is trauma-induced, there is a very high chance that a chiropractor can help you reduce the pain and recover.


Misalignments and getting a sports chiropractor

Most sports injuries are such that they result in some bone in your body losing its initial alignment, thus causing insurmountable pain to the athlete. Chiropractors are the only professionals fully equipped to treat these injuries caused by sports and trauma. Once they have completed their readjustment process, they can return to their everyday life with significantly reduced pain. This realignment also allows your nervous system to resume its proper functioning and allows your body to return to its previous state. These misalignments are also known as “subluxations,” A sports chiropractor is just the person to go to for their treatment.


How can going to a chiropractor help you?

Other than readjusting your alignment, your sports chiropractor can help you recover in multiple ways. A good chiropractor will alter their treatment to your injury and your health to ensure they reach an optimum result. Whether spinal manipulation, spinal mobilization, or any other thing, your chiropractor will have to alter their methods according to each client. The sports chiropractor that you visit will use the commonly practiced techniques but will also recommend to you after-care tips that you can practice to ensure minimum pain and maximum recovery.

These tips include massages, trigger point therapy, soft tissue mobilization, traction, flexion distraction, electrical nerve stimulation, ultrasound, and other relevant treatments. Getting the proper treatment from the right chiropractor also has several other benefits. These benefits include less pain once your treatment starts, quicker and more effective healing, no more numbness, and no tingling sensations. Once your chiropractic treatment has been completed, you will also find a better range of motion and improved stability. Your muscle pain and spasms will also go away, and you will feel better!


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We know it is very tough and challenging to find reliable athletic chiropractic services to help you heal from your sports injury. Now that you are aware of how a sports chiropractor can help you recover, we at Winter Park Chiropractic and Physical Medicine have some of the best sports chiropractors in the area. We can assist and facilitate you on your journey to recovery. With proper routine checkups, tried and tested methods, and closely monitored treatments, we can help you get back on your own feet within no time! Contact us today and begin your journey to recovery.