For many Americans, bedtime is the best time of the day. It’s a chance for our minds and bodies to relax and prepare for the next day, but do you find yourself waking up and being in pain? Are you experiencing shoulder pain from sleeping? Winter Park Chiropractic can help you determine what the root cause of your shoulder pain can be, and offer solutions to help you feel restful again. The chiropractor of choice in Orlando, Florida, we’ve been serving the community for years in receiving the physical therapy and relief they need to get back to life feeling fresh.


The Shoulder Itself

Many people don’t realize how much they lean on their shoulders for everyday tasks: getting dressed, reaching for an object above their heads, reaching behind you for something, and most importantly during sports. A lot of tasks and everyday things you do require a full range of motion in your shoulder, and you may not realize how much you depend on it until it’s not as mobile as it usually is. When that full range of motion is cut short and pain is felt, the list of things you can accomplish starts dwindling very quickly. And if the source of pain is from an injury, then sleeping on your shoulder is only going to exacerbate the issue. Numerous muscles help in the proper functioning of your two shoulder joints, which involve three bones. The two shoulder joints are called the glenohumeral and acromion-clavicular joints, with the actual shoulder consisting of the glenohumeral joint. The three bones are the clavicle, the humerus, and the scapula. These joints and bones help to form what we see as the whole shoulder itself, and any kink or ache or pain within any of these can throw your shoulder off balance.    


Shoulder Pain From Sleeping

There can be multiple forms of injury to your shoulder, and all could lead to discomfort and further inflammation or pain while sleeping on it throughout the night. One of the most commonly seen irritations to the shoulder is a direct injury, whether from a car accident, playing sports or tripping and falling onto the joint or bone. A rotator cuff tear can also be a culprit, and although you might think an injury is obvious, that isn’t always the case. How often do you shrug those types of situations aside, think “clumsy me” and go about your day? But there can be an injury, muscle tear or strain that is causing you discomfort during the day and if it’s not getting the attention it needs, it will continue to tighten and ache during the night too. 


Cervical spine dysfunction or subluxation can also cause shoulder pain. This condition causes the joints in the neck to not move properly through their full range of motion, which can affect the biometrics of the shoulder. Sometimes, a limb or other body part that is in pain, such as the shoulder, is actually an issue from deeper within the body, like a cervical spine dysfunction, that is also causing undue stress to other joints and extremities. It’s also a good idea to seek medical attention for these types of pain, no matter how small you may think the issue is, as it may be related to something completely different than you previously thought. Another often overlooked problem that can affect many Americans is their posture. Poor posture is ever increasing as cell phones tend to breed more shoulder slouching and leaning forward than the body requires. Walking and sitting with shoulders rounded forward and slouched down can cause excess biomechanical stress, leading to weak and imbalance muscles, restricted range of motion and decreased extremity function. 


Chiropractor in Orlando, Florida

No matter where you find yourself with shoulder pain or limited range of motion, visiting a chiropractor can do wonders for your bones, joints and muscles. Whether you know the cause of your pain or not, a chiropractor can sit with you and determine what course of treatment will work best for your current pain and aches, and work towards better pain management and relief, no matter your symptoms. 


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Are you sick and tired of feeling crummy after a painful night’s sleep? Is your shoulder pain while sleeping getting to be too much for you, and you’re experiencing discomfort and limited range of motion throughout the day as well? Trust the chiropractors in Orlando, Florida, at Winter Park Chiropractic. We offer a wide range of services to get you feeling like yourself again with our specialized chiropractic and physical therapy sessions. Visit us today!

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