We all know how important it is to get out and be active, but sometimes finding the time or energy can be tricky. Only one out of three adults are getting the recommended amount of exercise each week. And when we do work out, sometimes our bodies almost feel worse than before we started. Living an active lifestyle can come with it’s fair share of aches and pains. Read on to get some great fitness tips from a chiropractor right here in Orlando, and where you can get great chiropractic treatment in case that last tennis match left you feeling less than active. 


Tips and Tricks to Working Out

Injuries are bound to happen when working out, especially when playing sports. Torn ligaments, aches, sprains, pulled muscles, and misaligned discs are far too common in the sports world, and some are just inevitable. But oftentimes, we can help combat sports and exercise injuries, and sometimes fairly simply with just one simple exercise: warming up.


Warming up is crucial to preventing a lot of muscle aches and sprains, but is often overlooked when preparing to work out. If your muscles are cold and tight before working out, you’re setting yourself up for possibly straining your back, pulling a hamstring, or tearing a ligament. Get into the habit of doing some light stretches or calisthenics before working out to stretch out those muscles and get some blood flowing.  


Keep in mind that if it’s a sport or specific skill you’re training in, you’ll want to stay within your own class or skill level, and not try to do something out of your comfort zone without a lot of practice first. Don’t end up pushing your body too hard too fast and ending up with an injury. 


Make sure to maintain good flexibility in your limbs, especially the muscles you use the most in your specific sport, exercise or skill. Continuing to stretch out your muscle groups will help your athletic ability. If you don’t already have one, developing a stretching routine you can use daily will support a strong, limber body that will decrease injuries. Remember to always stay hydrated as well, as this will keep your muscles and discs hydrated. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, take an extra sip anyway as your body may be thirstier than you think.    


Proper Technique is Also Key

Technique goes a long way to prevent injuries as well. Sometimes we overdue it: hyperextend an elbow, lift too much weight, or land wrong on our feet. We may also not realize we’re doing an exercise incorrectly, and cause more damage than good. Being aware of the exercise itself and the steps and tricks involved will help aid in decreasing injuries. Research carefully how to perform the exercise and movements correctly, and keep those instructions for future use. 


Remember to Cool Down

Similar to warming up before we exercise, cooling down after playing sports or running is critical to keeping your muscles and body in check. After exercising, allow your body to cool down for 10-15 minutes, and stretch out your muscles and joints one final time. This will aid in avoiding any sprains, strains, and muscle pulls. 


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