Lower back pain can be a troublesome and persistent condition that can severely limit your quality of life. There are ways to prevent or relieve most types of back pain like quitting smoking, practicing good posture, and sleeping on your side.

The lower back has an essential function in the human body. The lower back, also called the lumbar area, enables movement, protects tissue, and provides structural support. Everyone experiences lower back pain at some point in life.


Causes of Lower Back Pain

The most common causes of back pains are back muscle strains due to obesity, overload of back muscles, or pregnancy. Other causes include degenerative arthritis and fracture/injuries of one vertebra (backbone). Other reasons are habitual, including overdoing certain motions, carelessly lifting heavy things, and poor posture when sitting or driving.

You can also only experience lower back pain in the morning or lower back pain at night only. Another common cause is that you’re out of shape, overweight, or stressed.


Treatment for Lower Back Pain

You should visit your physical therapist to determine the cause of your lower back pain. Treatment methods in physical therapy usually include exercise and stretching to help strengthen the affected muscles and improve flexibility and heat or ice packs to provide pain relief and reduce swelling.

Only a tiny percentage of those who experience acute back pain develop chronic back pain. Treatment options for lower back pain are as varied as the causes of back pain. Chiropractic care effectively treats lower back tightness, back hip pain, and acute back pain.

Chiropractic treatment is often combined with anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes. Chiropractic care can also help with an underlying cause of low back pain, such as an arthritic process or a degenerated disc. Since stress and back pain are related, developing stress management techniques like sleeping well, exercising, and reducing coffee intake.



How Do You Get Rid of Back Pain?

Good posture is a key to relief from back pain. Another way to relieve back pain is to make sure your muscles are relaxed. Other options include exercising, maintaining a healthy body weight, and quitting smoking. Chiropractic therapy can also help through spinal adjustments and massage therapy.


How Do You Relieve Lower Back Pain?

You also need to see your physician determine the cause of the pain. You can also use home remedies for acute pains. You can also visit a chiropractor to help you manipulate specific parts of the spine to manage the pain and restore mobility.


How Do You Sleep with Lower Back Pain?

Most people with lower back pain find it hard to sleep. The best way to sleep is on your side to help reduce the pressure on the discs in your spine. This way, you’ll be less likely to wake up with lower back pain.

Get Help Today

Visit your physician if you are pregnant or experiencing lower back pain. Be careful when lifting things and exercise regularly. You can also learn more about back pain and its treatment here.