Is your rheumatoid arthritis feeling like it’s getting worse? Are you finding it’s becoming increasingly more difficult in doing the activities and tasks necessary on a daily basis? Although treatment options seem bleak, there are rheumatoid arthritis chiropractors available to help aid some of your symptoms. Winter Park Chiropractic in Orlando, Florida, may be able to help in offering you some relief from these debilitating symptoms. 

Arthritis 101

Rheumatoid arthritis, often called RA, is an auto-immune disease where your immune system will mistakenly attack your own body. Your immune system does this in an attempt to protect you from any harmful bacteria, germs and viruses that enter your body, but can mistake other bodily functions as potential threats and attack them as well. With RA, for example, the immune system will attack the joints, specifically the synovial membrane, which is a thin layer of tissue surrounding the joint. The synovial membrane will then produce a buildup of joint fluid, which causes RA’s inflammation, swelling, and pain. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis Chiropractors

Although there are benefits to getting chiropractic treatments to aid RA’s side effects, you don’t want to simply search for “walk in chiropractor near me” and pick the first location you find. You will want to speak with your doctor on what the best course of treatment can be in reducing your RA symptoms. There are options such as diet changes and exercises that can help you gain more traction and range of motion with your joints without adding extra pain or discomfort. Certain foods can lead to excess levels of inflammation in the body, causing more joint inflammation than necessary, which in turn causes more pain. Your doctor can fill you in any of these lifestyle changes that may help you down the road in controlling your RA symptoms, while chiropractic treatments can also offer you additional pain relief. 

The theory behind chiropractic care is that your nervous system will not function properly if the bones in your spine are not correctly aligned. When everything is aligned correctly, your muscles, joints, and all your body’s systems will function properly. Chiropractors use manual therapy to realign the bones and render treatment, often not using medications as a form of treatment. Using different joint manipulations and massages can offer some forms of relief for RA sufferers, but should be used in conjunction with any medical treatment you need from your doctor as well. Chiropractic care may be able to offer some comfort and relief, but will not be able to cure or fully abate all symptoms, as this also extends to medical professionals as well. Many medications can offer relief of RA as well, but there is no catch-all to finding pure pain relief. And if you are looking towards more natural approaches, medications may not be on your list of choices. Read more about winter park

Walk In Chiropractor Near Me

Some joint problems may be more involved than what a chiropractor will want to work with in your course of treatment. They will work with you to figure out the benefits of chiropractic adjustments, and whether the inflammation will decrease or not with these treatments. Make sure to do your research on clinics to find certified and experienced doctors and physicians who will target your needs and treatment options correctly for your RA symptoms. 

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