New to chiropractic or known to the clinic, you should know that proper posture is important and needed by upper body and core strength. With a strong core, you have a healthy spine. But to maintain strength, avoid overuse. The injuries are harsh for your body.

Winter Park Chiropractic offers these tips as your sports chiropractor to avoid those types in injuries in Orlando.

What Are Overuse Injuries?

If you’re thinking, “I don’t participate in extreme sports or any intensity workouts, I don’t need to worry.” Well, those types of activities have the potential to cause injuries, but that’s not overuse. You can simply get them from sitting at your desk and typing at your computer. It’s when you perform the daily task, over and over again, which causes a movement repeatedly. This is being at risk for an overuse injury.

Prevention tips include: 

  • Find the root problem: in order to treat the injury, find what’s causing it first. Here at Winter Park, we’re experts at helping you find it!
  • Cross training helps: if you were a pro at weight lifting for example, try yoga to help increase flexibility and it will reduce muscle tension.
  • Rest: while this seems obvious, you are still exercising your strong core, even sitting at your desk. Your body does require one day of rest per week.
  • Balance: if you are experiencing tightness, stretch! If muscles are weak, work on strengthening them. Balance is essential to avoid overuse injuries.
  • Inflammation: it’s best to manage the inflammation with heat or ice therapy. Regular adjustments from the chiropractor are also great ways to find relief. 

However, training errors are the most common of overuse injuries. They evolve with acceleration of intensity, duration, and frequency of activity. This happens when people who train are pushing themselves to achieve a level of participation to make up for lost time. This is why coaches, trainers, and teachers help play a role in prevention. 

In Office Injuries

If you’re not in sports, but in an office, you’re still at risk. Office overuse injuries have three common types: repetitive use injuries, computer eye strains, and falls. While you may feel safe in your cubicle, it’s important to avoid these injuries as well.

RSI, or Repetitive Stress Injuries are repeating the same motion over and over. Such as the strain on back and upper extremities. Computer eye strain is the result of too much screen time, it does result in blurred vision, dry eyes, twitching, or fatigue. Falls or slips happen in the office by open drawers, cords, wet floors, or not being able to see from bad lightning.

Avoid Injuries

From training, you need to rest. From RSI, keep a neutral position and keep everything you need in reach. For computer eye strain, cover windows to reduce indoor brightness. For falls and slips, avoid objects in common walking places.

Winter Park Chiropractic has you covered with any sports injuries or work related ones. Come visit our office in Orlando. Call us today to book your appointment.

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